"One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick." Harold Kushner
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Back Pain
After having tried chiropractic, massage, trigger point massage, physical therapy and traditional western approaches to a chronic upper back pain, I decided to try acupuncture.  After my first visit with Bonnie at the Acupuncture Center of Cary I knew I had found the answer I had been looking for.

With Bonnie's care, knowledge and thoughtful approach to her work I have experienced a continued ease in my symptoms with the side benefit of feeling more balanced and in better general health.

Catherine W

Sinus Infections
My healing took a dramatic turn the day I walked into Richard and Bonnie’s office. My family doctor had told me that I might need sinus surgery to relieve my chronic sinus infections. Richard was able to immediately improve my sinuses – to the extent that it has been 3 and a half years now since I have had to take an antibiotic.

I have been so impressed with Richard’s treatments. I have made them a standard part of my wellness program. Thanks for all your help.

John D

My seasonal allergy problems brought a lot of discomfort, including itchy eyes, continuous drainage, sore throats, and headaches. Not only were the symptoms frustrating but frequently developed into sinusitis requiring strong antibiotics. These seasonal allergies have been greatly reduced and rare is the illness that requires antibiotics.

Catherine T

High Blood Pressure
I went to Acupuncture Center of Cary to help with my hypertension and to eventually get off my medication. Bonnie has helped me lower my blood pressure considerably, not only with acupuncture treatments but with her vast knowledge of herbs and relaxation techniques. I have experienced other benefits from the acupuncture treatments as well.  I am a calmer person, more energetic, and less emotional.  Acupuncture treatments treat you holistically. 

Catherine T

Fatigue, Depression, and Low Metabolism
I was diagnosed with depression in 1993 and started going to Bonnie Shwery after receiving unsuccessful treatment from medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists.  I was taking two anti-depressant medications and still feeling tired most of the time.  Bonnie discovered, among other things, that I had a low metabolism condition that was not detected in blood tests.  Through Acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal remedies, I gradually regained my energy.

I am so grateful to Bonnie for helping me regain my health.  Because of the progress I have made, I was able to return to work and have had the energy to enjoy life to the fullest.  I never knew how sick I was until I started feeling better.  While it hasn't been a quick process, the results have been worth all the time and effort.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Acupuncture Center of Cary.  Thank you Bonnie for giving me my life back!  I honestly don't know where I'd be without your treatments.

Mary D

Poor Circulation
In March, I began to experience poor circulation in my hands, arms, legs, and feet, with tingling and loss of feeling or numbness. Regardless of whether I was walking, working, sitting, or lying down.  As it continued, cramps and muscle spasms developed.  After several specialists, many tests, and no cause or course of treatment, my primary health care provider recommended Acupuncture.

Dr. Richard Shwery has been encouraging, and always explains things in a manner that is easily understood.  Still, it seemed illogical to me that sticking needles in a body already in pain would not be painful.  It's not! I still find that amazing.  More amazing has been how quickly I experienced relief from my symptoms.  Though not completely corrected, the effects from each acupuncture treatment are lasting longer, and longer.  I anticipate lasting results in the near future.

In 1989 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Raynaud's. As a result of Systemic Lupus, I also have Hypothyroidism. The side affects of the medications are often as bad or worse as the symptoms themselves. Acupuncture has brought me great relief without any side affects.

Dr. Shwery has assured me other symptoms of those illnesses can be treated once my circulation is functioning properly.  I have more hope for the quality of my life than I have had since 1989.

The pleasant, relaxed, peaceful, positive, professional atmosphere is a reflection of Dr. Shwery.

Fonda S

Frequent Colds and Shoulder pain
I have had the privilege of knowing several good acupuncturists in other states but not until going to the Acupuncture Center of Cary and being cared for by Dr. Richard Shwery, did I realize how much value Acupuncture can have under the care of someone who has such great education and intuitive talent.  I feel it is important to understand every part of the treatment in order for me to be pro-active in my health and Dr. Shwery provides this interaction.

Over the years I have had various physical issues such as pain in my shoulder and back as well as low energy.  While the results came quickly in overcoming the pain, I feel the most important part of the treatments has been to boost my immune system so that I am able to get through the cold and flu season.  This is important for me as I am an international speaker and with all of the traveling that I do it is essential that I maintain my energy and health.I recommend them very highly!

Adrienne T

Irritable Bowel
I feel healthier than I have in over twenty years!  Dr. Shwery's Acupuncture therapy has provided me the relief from IBS that I have sought for over a decade.  As a side benefit, he has also improved the function of my pancreas and liver.  I wish I had found Acupuncture, and Dr. Shwery, a long time ago.

Keith S

Fertility and PMS
I have been a client of the Acupuncture Center of Cary for over four years.  I initially sought Bonnie's help for my ongoing struggle with PMS, adult acne, and low energy, which she successfully treated.  The treatments gave me a sense of both mental and physical well-being.

After trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant for over one year at the age of 40, we started treatments that enabled me to become pregnant within seven months.  I believe my successful pregnancy and birth are the direct result of Bonnie's compassion and expertise in the healing art of Acupuncture.

Maya S

Chronic Low Back Pain
My trusted physician referred me to Dr. Richard Shwery for acupuncture as part of non-surgical interventions to help me recover from an injury to 3 lumbar discs. My condition involved chronic daily pain.  I regret to say that I was somewhat skeptical (perhaps the better word is to say that I was under-educated) of Chinese Medicine and yet was willing to try an alternative to surgery.

I am excited to tell you that I am a full believer in these fabulous folks - Richard and Bonnie Shwery - who have treated me consistently for 2 years along with my physical therapists.  Today I am pain free on most days and have avoided a life changing triple fusion surgery that would have been the other alternative.

An added benefit is that I learned how regular acupuncture helps stimulate my immune system for overall health benefits and I seldom get sick with other illnesses.  I can go on and on – suffice it is to say that I am deeply grateful for healing work of Acupuncture Center of Cary.

Charles E

After a serious accident, my body did not function as it used to.  I was scared and worried all the time and I slept only a few hours a night.  I was depressed, had horrible headaches and had colds and flu almost every two weeks.  My hands and feet were terribly cold all the time.  Prescription drugs did not help.  I was a complete wreck.  My doctor recommended that I get treatment at Acupuncture Center of Cary.

Bonnie Shwery diagnosed me with low thyroid function.  Then, I got my first treatment.  The outcome was ASTONISHING.  I never expected to feel any result the first day.  I knew that Acupuncture treatment is a lengthy process.  But as I was lying on the table with needles sticking from my body, the depression was shrinking with every minute.  I felt so calm and strong again.  That night I slept 8 hours for the first time in a year.  During the next couple of months with the help of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine my overall health improved dramatically:

1. I stopped worrying all the time.
2. The depression is gone.
3. I have a peaceful night's rest.
4. My headaches are gone.
5. I did not get even one cold during the year.
6. I do not need to put a sweater on every time the temperature drops below 80 degrees.
7. I am healthy and strong again.

I cannot thank Bonnie enough for getting my life back.

Marina L

Thanks to Dr. Shwery's expert and caring treatment, I have been relieved of headaches that had plagued me for 16 years.  I have also found acupuncture treatment helpful for shoulder and neck pain and for carpal tunnel syndrome.  Dr. Shwery's patience and attentiveness to my description of recent symptoms and the serene setting of the treatment room help me use each visit as an opportunity to relax and feel good about taking care of myself.

Robin P

Food Allergy
Before I started going to the Acupuncture Center of Cary, I couldn't eat strawberries without breaking out in a rash.  After just a few treatments and some supplements I am eating strawberries again after 7 years!

Bonnie is a caring, knowledgeable acupuncturist.  She takes time to listen to my concerns, and then determines a treatment plan.

Thank you Bonnie, for helping me live a healthier, pain free life.

Sherry M

From the first day I stepped in your office, I knew I came to the right place: from the soothing music, and the comfortable atmosphere, but most importantly, your attentiveness to listen and ask the right questions, which reassured me immensely.

I couldn't believe the difference I felt just after a few treatments.  You've cured my anxiety, and now I'm coming for my back pain.  Thank you very much.  You've saved me from being dependent on prescription pills.  You are a miracle worker.

Enrico L

Tennis Elbow and Sinus Headaches
I originally went to the Acupuncture Center of Cary for the treatment of Tennis Elbow.  Prior to treatment I tried almost everything to improve the elbow.  After several Acupuncture Treatments the pain subsided and today it's back to normal.

Before going to the Acupuncture Center of Cary, I would get Headaches daily.  After treatment for my for allergies and sinus, I am happy to say I have been headache free for 10 plus weeks.  I can't describe how great it feels to go through the day without a headache.

Bonnie has focused on improving my core body functions and, as a result, my immune system has improved. I also like the holistic approach she brings to her practice.  Monthly maintenance of Acupuncture and Nutrition, plus a healthy lifestyle and exercise, is helping me maintain a healthy body and improved quality of life.

Kyle K

Stress and Diabetes
I have been going to Acupuncture with Richard Shwery for over 5 years and I can't speak highly enough of my overall experience.  I have gone for stress and blood sugar problems and I have never felt better.  When in the office, it is clean and very comfortable and both Richard and Bonnie are so pleasant and kind.

They are very thorough and never make one feel rushed when asked about a problem one might have. When you call and get the answering machine, they are very prompt to return the call, and if you have an emergency, they are right there and do the best they can to get you in. I would, and have, recommended Acupuncture Center of Cary very highly.

Ibbie V

High Cholesterol
While I initially began Acupuncture for scoliosis discomfort, I have continued to also manage cholesterol without using statin medications. After a treatment, I feel more relaxed and well balanced. Acupuncture has become part of my wellness regimen.


Acupuncture, and TCM in general, have been essential in improving my health and controlling my diabetes for almost 20 years.  Truly, I don't know where I would be without these complementary therapies.  When I relocated to the Triangle area, I've been fortunate to continue my treatments at Acupuncture Center of Cary.  Richard Shwery has given me excellent treatments and been very helpful in providing background information on the acupuncture points, herbs and supplements.

The "naps" I take during the sessions are so restful and healing, they feel worth many hours of normal sleep.  The other benefit I gain from acupuncture treatments is powerful knowledge about my own body's patterns, which I can then use to further enhance my own health.  Acupuncture treatments have helped me address sinusitis, diabetes, back pain, "new mother exhaustion", and immune system support.  I have no hesitation in recommending this complementary therapy as a tool for better health!


Pregnancy with Restless Legs and Morning Sickness
During my first pregnancy, I developed HELLP syndrome, a rare form of toxemia that is fatal to the mother and possibly to the child.  My son was delivered by emergency c-section at 30 weeks.

During my second pregnancy, several medical doctors encouraged me to try acupuncture.  I believe acupuncture has relieved a number of problems I faced.  The use of acupuncture and different herbs helped to significantly ease my restless leg problem and gave me more energy.  I also feel like my body is functioning better.  Acupuncture has helped to relax me and encourage a deeper sleep – something I’ve struggled with for years.  It was also helpful for morning sickness and depression.
Most of all, I am now 32 weeks pregnant and have no symptoms of toxemia and look forward to the delivery of the baby at full term.

Bonnie Shwery has been easy to work with.  She is very knowledgeable about what it appropriate during pregnancy.  She also takes time to understand her patient’s problems and try to help.

Elizabeth S

Neck Pain and Dizziness
I've been seeing Richard for many years now and I have come to depend on Acupuncture as a part of my life now.  It has helped me immensely with my dizziness and shoulder/neck pains.  In the beginning, it was the only part of my life I looked forward too since I felt so much better after a treatment.  Many of the traditional treatments either did not work or caused other symptoms.  The atmosphere is very pleasing and relaxing.  Richard is very personable and listens very carefully to any symptoms you might be experiencing during the visit.  I can't recommend acupuncture enough: try it!

Brian B

Facial Paralysis
I was stricken with Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy) this fall.  Acupuncture was initially very helpful in relieving shooting nerve pain.  Later, it helped calm and relieve muscle spasms in the affected side of my face.  Bonnie was sensitive to changes as I reported them, and adjusted treatment and herbs accordingly.  I am 99% back to normal, after 4 months of treatment.

I began to experience Vertigo.  Acupuncture and herbs reduced the severity and duration of my episodes.  After 4 weeks of treatment, I am now symptom free.

Susan D

Emotional Well-Being
Acupuncture has helped me so much. I am a committed believer in the benefits of Acupuncture. I have always found that after a treatment, I feel immediate improvement for the complaint for which I sought treatment. But in addition, I find it provides an enhanced emotional well-being that is consistent and very much enjoyed!

Fran P

A ruptured disc and sciatica led me to the Acupuncture Center of Cary.  These two ailments had responded poorly to physical therapy and medication.  With Acupuncture, the sciatica disappeared in two weeks.  The disc took a month to recover.  The treatments at Acupuncture Center of Cary are a soothing experience: pleasant and meditative.


Hemorrhoids, Neck and Shoulder Pain
The acupuncture treatments Paul has received have helped with long term pain problems in my back, neck and ankle.  Susan has been helped with pain in her shoulder and legs and with hemorrhoid problems.

We both actively seek alternative treatments to drug therapy, and are happy to spend a little money to investigate other options.  We're both in our late fifties and between acupuncture, food supplements, and chiropractic care, we deal with our health problems without any pain medications.

Richard and Bonnie are very knowledgeable about food supplements and healthy lifestyles and provide great acupuncture services.  We greatly prefer a couple dozen periodic pinpricks to a lifetime of dependence on drug therapy and the attendant side-effects.

Susan K and Paul O

Gastrointestinal Pain
I became very ill with constant and severe intestinal pains, nausea and vomiting.  I was admitted for surgery and doctors discovered my cecum (part of the colon) had twisted around itself and was promptly stitched to my abdominal wall to hold it in place.  I was told it may not hold and ultimately, I may need to have that part of my colon removed.

One week following the surgery, all symptoms resurfaced, but worse.  I visited three surgeons and a gastroenterologist and was told my symptoms made no sense "medically" and I had not been "suffering" long enough.  Being only 30 years old, I began to think I was losing my mind.  That's when I made an appointment with Bonnie.

On my initial visit, Bonnie went over my entire health history and we discovered my body had been not functioning properly for quite some time.  Bonnie also discovered that my thyroid had been sluggish, even though previous thyroid tests came back normal.

After the first treatment I was amazed to find I felt 75% better and was able to eat solid foods slowly without any nausea or vomiting and was able return back to work.  In addition to relieving the symptoms, after only 5 treatments I felt better than I had in a long time.

Today, I can honestly say, Bonnie is my miracle.  I have been completely symptom free for almost 4 months and counting.  I am very thankful for her expertise and kindness.


My husband and I have been treated at the Acupuncture Center of Cary for several years with very good results.  Outstanding is the personal attention to all problems.  I have been treated with success for a liver problem (auto-immune hepatitis) and thyroid dysfunction (with wonderful results), and also for bunions (which has kept surgery at bay).  We have also been given excellent advice as to supplements.  We feel lucky to know about this center and are making acupuncture an integral part of our healthy life plan.

Kathy and MacKinlay Z

After the medical doctor added yet another prescription, I knew I needed an alternative source for help. I called Acupuncture Center of Cary for help with fibromyalgia and fatigue. I was tired of taking prescription drugs and not getting relief.

I was immediately impressed with finding a very pleasant office environment; having my list of symptoms understood and receiving explanation of treatment; and given hope that I could be free of most of my medications.

Acupuncture and herbs have relieved my symptoms of fatigue, urinary discomfort and fibromyalgia pain. By being informative and encouraging, Bonnie has helped me understand my body and health as her treatments help me feel better than I have felt in years.


My experience with Richard and his acupuncture treatments have been positive and amazing. Being super sensitive to medications and pain, led me to alternative methods for the muscle stiffness and pain I was experiencing.

Now pain free, able to drive again, led a normal active life, off all pain medication is the result of the acupuncture treatment.

Eternally grateful,

Phyllis P

Shoulder and Neck Pain
I've been using acupuncture regularly for about 6 months now.  My neck, shoulders and knees (arthritis) are considerably better than when I started.  I was recently in China with a group and the only doctor available was an acupuncturist.  I used his services and convinced several others to do so too with considerable success.  I would highly recommend Dr. Shwery and Acupuncture.

Clayton J

Bicycle Injury
I have been seeing Richard for years and he has helped me with various issues, including injuries from a bicycle accident.  He is a very good practitioner in that he takes the time to listen and understand what is going on with me before moving forward.  He has a very gentle manner, which helps with my comfort level (I don't like going to Doctors).  He explains what my body is telling him and what else I can do (outside the office) so I feel like I'm involved with my healing.

Roger V

Anxiety and Fatigue
Dr. Shwery is one of the rare doctors that truly listens and generously gives full time & attention to his patients.  I came to the clinic with numerous chronic conditions, including anxiety and fatigue.  My overall health has improved noticeably as a result of the Acupuncture treatments, the supplements, and his sound, professional expertise.

Nancy D

My prostatitis is now under control.  I am doing much better thanks to your help..

George T

Fractured Ankle - Joint Injury & Pain
My introduction to acupuncture occurred ten years ago following a fall on the ice, which resulted in a nasty fracture of my right ankle.  Of course, the left leg, the left knee, and the left ankle suffered some pain and discomfort also.  Acupuncture treatment proved to be very beneficial during this period of recuperation.

Hank M

Hot Flashes
When I hit menopause, my body went to overdrive. I was having 4-6 night heats and 8-10 hot flashes a day. I spoke with my health care provider, and she gave me 3 possible options - Prozac, Hormone Replacement, or Acupuncture. Considering the health issues with the first two, I decided to give acupuncture a try.

At my first appointment, I was very nervous because I have never like needles. However, Dr. Shwery and his office environment put me at ease. He showed me how thin the needles were and answered all of my questions. He was upfront about what my chances were that this should work. After a couple of treatments, I started to see improvement and am now down to an occasional hot flash or night heat without drugs.

In addition, I look forward to my visits, because it is the only time during the week when I can relax and have an occasional nap. Acupuncture has been a lifesaver for me.

Denise S

I want to thank you for the great healing work you do. You really listen and treat the patient as a whole. I always feel much better after treatments. You truly have a gift! I wish all doctors were more like you.

Amanda L